Black Forest Memories

"The Case of the Drowned Monarch."

Memories of WWI

Oh, So Beautiful Capri.

Tom Sullivan and his Trip to Portugal.

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.Click picture for Bio of Tony Kendall (Pompeii, Italy)

I would like to welcome you to our magazine. The purpose of the magazine is to show you just some of the exciting things available on the Friends of Europe! I lived in Germany so it is only natural that I have some articles about Germany. The first article is one I wrote called "The Case of the Drowned Monarch." This is a "Sherlock Holmes" pastiche on Holmes's investigation on the mysterious King Ludwig II of Bavaria. You don't know King Ludwig? Two understand the state of Bavaria one must understand the Bavarian's love of a king who died a hundred years ago. Read this article and the biography and you will learn about King Ludwig, his life, his castles, and his beloved Richard Wagner.

We talk about Bavaria but many Germans believe the Black Forest is the most beautiful yourself. Judge for yourself in Black Forest Memories.

We take a serious but fascinating look at the faces of World War I. You have seen many pictures of soldiers in trenches but I bet you haven't seen anything like this in Memories of WWI.

We then go down to sunny Italy and visit beautiful Capri. Click Capri to visit one of the most beautiful islands in the world!

Now we fly to Portugal where our Friends of Europe member Tom Sullivan and his trip to Portugal.

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