Oh, So Nice CAPRI!

by Tony Kendall

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Even if Naples had nothing to offer it would be almost worth it to live near Sorrento (and the Amalfi coast) and the lovely island of Capri. After one leaves Capri pleasant thoughts and the song, the "Isle of Capri" linger. Capri is just about 45 minutes away by the "Aliscafi" (hydrofoil) but it could be a million miles away. Where Naples is brash, loud, dirty; Capri is calm, peaceful and very clean. Capri is an excellent place for a honeymoon or just a place to get away from things. Don't get me wrong, it has a nightlife and it has many fine restaurants...there is something for everyone.

I will not go into every detail of Capri (get a travel book) but I will highlight things that impressed me. Capri is not a big island, certainly not like Oahu but the lush vegetation and crystal clear turquoise seas sometimes bring Hawaii to mind. However, Capri is not Hawaii but definitely Italian.

Most likely you will have taken the Ali Scafi (hydrofoil from Naples which takes about 45 minutes) from the port of Mergilina or the slower ferry from the main Naples port, Molo Beverello. You will be deposited at Marina Grande, the port. From Marina Grande one can see the quaint white and colored houses waiting for you as you step onto the pier-your adventure has begun!

There are two "major" towns in Capri, Capri and Anacapri and your hotel will most likely be located at one of the two. To get to the town of Capri you can take a taxi, minibus, or the funicolare. I suggest the funicolare which takes you straight up the hill side and offers you a beautiful view. Capri is small enough where you can get around on foot. To get to Anacapri you take a minibus up straight up the cliff....not for those scared of heights! If you stay in Anacapri, I would recommend the Caesar Augustus if you are on a tight budget. It is not a 5 star hotel but it is still nice and it is hard to beat the view.....from your balcony is about 1000 foot drop!

In Capri there are many nice hotels. In another article, I describe a nice hotel (Hotel Flora) owned by the very pleasant Virginia Vuotto.

What to do in Capri?

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