Memories of the "Great War" (page 4)

The picture below is one of my favorites of this set. Seldom in pictures or in movies do you see how soldiers really act when there is a break in the action. A young man might dream of being a war hero but often in war, the soldier dreams of being at home. These soldiers have taken a table, planned a meal with even entertainment provided by a fellow soldier with an accordion. It is a scene reminiscent of home.

Click here for large picture. At the table

The picture below of four soldiers has a wonderful color and although a short focal length,  the photo offers the viewer high definition details in the foreground which is often lost in color photographs.

Click here for large picture. Four soldiers

It is only logical that if a soldier has a rifle, he would like to use for something more practical than killing another human being. Below are three soldiers proudly displaying their hunting prowess with a half a dozen rabbits. Fresh meat would have had to have been a nice change from hardtack and the other Army food given to German soldiers.

Click here for large picture. "Jagers"--hunters

I have mentioned the technological aspect of World War I but it is easy to forget that horse power played a key role in the German Wehrmacht--army. Even in World War II the Wermacht used horse power which needed no scarce fuel except for hay. Below you see a unit that took care of the harnesses and other equipment needed to run an equine army. There is the inevitable dog in the picture. The forgotten hero in the war were the many dogs and horses that were killed in the war.

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Blacksmiths and fitters

Food and companionship were important to the soldiers but equally important was the need for religious worship. The cliché that there are no atheists in the trenches is very true. Below you see an innovative way to bring church services to the troops. In this photo you see what looks like a hearse set up with a chapel in the back.  The middle of the three men is a Catholic Chaplin. Germany is made up of almost equal percentages of Catholics and Protestants (Lutherans). The man on the left looks like a physician.

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A mobile chapel. with chaplain


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