Memories of the "Great War" (page 3)

Below is yet another picture of soldiers with their friend, the machine gun (the high tech weapon of WWI).

Click here for large picture. Soldiers with machine gun

Below is another group of soldiers posing with their gas masks and rifles.

Click here for large picture. Soldiers with gas masks

Below are German soldiers on the Russian front preparing to eat a rather primitive meal on the semi-frozen tundra. One notices however a soldier on the far left with a goose. Could this be his pet or more likely the next meal, perhaps a Christmas meal since the goose is to the Germans as a turkey is Americans

Click here for large picture. On the Russian front

Below soldiers surrounding one of the most popular items of the war, the food caisson (Gulasch-Kanone). In the middle of this wagon is a big pot containing soup or stew. There is a smoke stack which indicates how the food is heated. In the background are other soldiers looking in the direction of the photographer. Perhaps they also smell the food.

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Meals on wheels (Gulasch-Kanone)

World War I can be characterized as extreme boredom highlighted by extreme terror. As with all wars, something had to be done to fight the boredom and thoughts about death and battle. The photo below shows soldiers with their tobacco pipes out for a smoke and a chance to play cards. Notice that the cards are well worn. By studying these pictures it can readily be seen that pipe smoking was much more popular than it is today.

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A smoke and a game

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