Tony Kendall: Forum Manager for "Friends of Europe"

Tony Kendall is a pioneer on online bulletin boards as it applies to the concept of an electronic world community. He scored several firsts as far as online chats:

Tony Kendall has promoted the world community concept since 1990 and now has taken his vast experience to MSN to start the Friends of Europe concept. Friends of Europe is a place where one can meet Europeans in friendship and learn about the people and culture of Europe. The FOE is also a place where Americans (and non-Europeans) can meet Europeans in order to better understand one another. Tony Kendall seeks to showcase each country (he's never met a country he didn't like) while also bringing people and cultures together in the spirit of friendship and understanding. His view is to do this by making the FOE a fun and exciting place to visit. "If you can't go to Europe, we'll bring Europe to you! We will bring you exciting chats, stimulating bulletin board discussion, and my specialty, beautiful pictures of Europe (many of which can only be found in our library).